Preventing Agricultural Crop Damage With Agricultural Fencing

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | January 8, 2021

It has been acknowledged that deer cause more agricultural damage than any other vertebrate wildlife species, costing farmers across the country millions of dollars worth of damage annually. Agricultural fencing can help prevent not only deer damage but also damage caused by small animals like rabbits and groundhogs. Let’s look into the different agricultural fencing […]

Deer Fencing Best Practice Guidelines

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | November 6, 2020

Deer fencing has different functions. It can be used to maintain different deer densities in close proximity to each other. It can also partially or completely exclude deer from particular areas to prevent public safety hazards or to meet environmental, agricultural, or forestry requirements. High deer high fences can also enclose deer in specific areas […]

Deer Fence Installation and Nashville Regulations: What You Need To Know

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | October 22, 2020

Drive around Nashville and you’ll see that its landscape is marked by miles of fences. Symbolizing ownership and privacy, fences in Nashville and the rest of the state are governed by laws first instituted in 1858; these have been updated a couple of times since then. If deer fence installation is on your to-do list, […]

Here are 5 Reasons Why Deer Fencing Should Be Done By A Pro

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | August 30, 2020

Game fencing specifications are different from conventional perimeter fences. For one, game fences must be substantially higher. After all, an adult deer can jump as high as 8 feet. A fence lower than that will not effectively deter deer and other animals from trying to enter your property. A professional game fence contractor is aware […]

7 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Deer Fencing

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | July 13, 2020

Game fencing is one of the most effective ways to prevent deer from damaging your property and minimize the potential health risks posed by parasites that they carry. With proper and consistent maintenance, deer fencing will serve its purpose for a long time. Here are simple, easy to follow maintenance procedures that you can do […]

Things to Consider When Building a Custom Gate

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | June 4, 2020

A gate restricts who has access to your property. This keeps you, your family, and your belongings safe. Gate design has come a long way and now has full customization options. Customization gives you full control of your gate’s appearance and performance. It could depend on your personal taste or on how you utilize your […]

Ten Deer Fence Uses That Might Surprise You

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | May 25, 2020

Made from polypropylene or welded metal, deer fencing is traditionally used to exclude or contain game such as deer or elk. What many fail to realize is that deer fence installation can do so much more than that. Here are 10 practical deer fence uses that might surprise you. As Vineyard or Orchard Fences Deer […]

Planning Your Game Fence With Care

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | April 15, 2020

Planning your game fence can be difficult. How do you decide which kind of fence to build in the first place? The possibilities are limitless, and no one else’s fencing needs are exactly alike. However, knowing what factors to take into consideration can lead you in the right direction. Identify the animals to be fenced […]

Know Your State’s Game/High Fence Regulations

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | March 29, 2020

High fences were initially used to restrict animal movement in Texas in the 1930s. Since that time, high fences have been erected in 48 of the 59 states. These fences have been used to manage white-tailed deer, exotic species, game breeding operations, research facilities, and drive-through zoos. They have also been utilized as a part […]

Deer Fencing For Your Small Space

By Straight Shooter Game Fencing | February 17, 2020

If you have ever had a backyard garden, you already know that you are not the only one interested in your tomatoes and peppers. Many animals, and especially deer, will use your little patch of produce as their personal smorgasbord. But there is a solution that homebuyers with only a small garden can employ to […]

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