What is Game Fencing?

Game fence has many names. It’s known as high fence, deer fence, and whitetail fence. However, no matter what you call it, game fencing refers to a tall, high-tensile perimeter barrier. Chances are, if you’re thinking of having a fence that’s more than five or six feet high installed, game fencing is what you see in your vision.

The many functions of game fencing

Game fence accomplishes many tasks. In addition to serving as an enclosure, properly installed fencing also keeps predators out. It is a useful tool that assists with your hunting management plan or keep trespassers off your property. Furthermore, game fencing is also useful in helping maintain the existing deer population and ensure the purity of game animal genetics. Other uses for commercial game fencing include crop and airport protection. At home, game fencing works to protect your flower and vegetable gardens.

Breeder pens also utilize deer fence. A breeder pen allows a livestock breeder to keep a specified number of deer, typically five per acre, contained together. Likewise, and just as useful, breeder pens with a built-in passageway allows the breeder to transport deer between enclosures. A path may also be designed to give animal caregivers direct access to their handling or transportation facility. There is no standard breeder pen design; each is built around the layout of the land to satisfy land owner needs.

Keeping predators at bay

Landowners concerned with predation can add a predator apron to their game fence design. This is an extension of a standard deer fence and is built of 26-inch class III 12.5 gauge high-tensile wire. This wire is installed at the base of the fence and can deter most predators from digging under. A predator apron installed around a single enclosure or small yard prevents small mammal intrusion.

Game fencing lasts a lifetime, at least 50 years barring Mother Nature’s wrath. Straight Shooter Game Fencing provides a lifetime workmanship warranty on every fence, enclosure, and breeder pin we install. Contact us today for more information on professional game fence installation or DIY materials.