Fixed-knot high tensile net fencing is becoming more popular in agriculture for crop protection and animal containment including; cattle, goat, sheep, buffalo, horses. Two main reasons, in comparison to standard 5 - 7 strand barbwire, fixed knot net agricultural fencing is much more secure in containing animals and in protection against predators Another key factor is material and labor cost is approximately the same (note, this is in comparison to 5-7 strand barbwire). With Straight Shooter experience, state of the art equipment and lifetime workmanship warranty on ALL OUR FENCES (deer, game, high, or agricultural fencing). It’s a no brainer. Call today for a free over the phone estimate.

Agricultural Fencing


The longevity and functionality of your deer/game fence is affected by the terrain. The excavation and prepping of your fence line will serve as the foundation for the overall appearance and performance of your fence in the years to come.


A cleared right of way of a minimum 25’ wide is required for equipment and materials during the installation process. We'll ensure that the clearing of your property is handled with care and handled in such a way as to leave your property better than before.

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8 ft fence on 25 ft w clearing.,


A cleared right away of a minimum 25’ wide is required for equipment and materials during the installation process (and what to state something about how the right away is beneficial to the customer after we leave, just don't know the words).

10_ fence, oglethorpe county, ga


Our top-quality deer, game, and agricultural fence was designed with the forces of nature in mind and features high tensile, class III carbon steel wire. It is 4x stronger than conventional low tensile livestock wire and requires little in the way of maintenance. Ideal for animal containment, Deer/game fence will stand up to animal impact, snow load, stock pressure, and the occasional fallen tree without stretching out of shape. Our high tensile fixed-knot fencing offers many benefits including: Exceeds class III galvanizing standards, Less than 1% elongation, Extended lifespan, Absorbs shock and redistributes impact load for game protection, Installs on any terrain, Ideal for agricultural protection.

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Designed with the forces of nature in mind, our high tensile carbon steel wire is 4x stronger than low tensile wire.


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