Deer Fencing For All Your Farming Needs

When you live in the country, your land faces obstacles that people in the city do not typically experience. Deer nibbling on your cabbage, coyotes in the chicken pen, and farm dogs running a little too free can all make it more difficult to enjoy your estate. Unfortunately, it is often cost-prohibitive to fence hundreds of acres, but you can use deer fencing to keep these annoyances at bay. Strategically fencing small sections of your property can save you from losing your harvest and keep your animals safe. 

Garden Nuisances

Adding a secure border around your yard or garden is the most effective way to keep the critters out. There are many ways to fence a garden, but depending on the kind of animal you are trying to keep out, you might need to look into professional-grade deer fencing and contact a deer fence contractor.

Deer fencing is effective because it is the only type of fence made specifically to keep hungry deer at bay. Typically, this fence, which is made of a durable and extremely flexible material that can withstand the force of a large animal, stands at least 8-feet tall. For maximum effectiveness, the fence should also slant at a 45° angle.

For tunneling animals, deer fencing may be dug slightly into the ground at a depth of approximately two feet. This can help keep chipmunks, moles, and gophers from eating your underground produce, including carrots, beets, and potatoes. If rabbits are a problem, they can be deterred by curving your dear fencing out approximately a foot from where it meets the ground.

If deer are a problem now, you may forgo deer fencing through the end of the season if you do not have time to order and install new materials. To do this, add a temporary extension to your existing fence post; you can usually find metal pieces that will fit into your posts after removing the cap. You can use regular fencing or chicken wire between the post. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a long-term solution and is not cost-effective for large areas.

Livestock protection

While deer fencing is commonly used in small spaces to keep hungry animals out of the garden, it can also help protect cows, sheep, and other livestock. By adding a predator apron, you can reduce intrusion by digging predators, foxes included. A predator apron is not a special product but an innovative use of deer fencing. It consists of one or two feet of fence material being buried underground, with the rest remaining as a visible barrier. This installation method is similar to that used for burrowing animals.

Some DIY installers choose to forgo burial and instead bend a 12-inch portion of the fence outward at the ground. This is most effective when the bent area is covered by dense grass or is anchored with landscaping pins.

Dog Runs and Enclosures

No matter how much land you own, you can not let your pets run free all the time. They need a safe place to rest, especially at night. Deer fencing makes an effective pet enclosure and can also be used as a dog run or to section off a few acres when it is time to train a young herding dog. 

Advantages of Deer Fencing

Straight Shooter Game Fencing offers only superior products for your home and garden. Our deer fencing is extremely impact resistant and made of high-tensile material. It is designed using a fixed-knot pattern, which will not unravel or slide. Our products are designed to be installed with long distances between posts, which saves you time and money on materials. Our fence material is rust- and corrosion-resistant and easily lasts three times longer than standard galvanized. When installed properly, deer fencing won’t sag, droop, or break even under extreme temperature changes or a heavy ice load.

DIY or Professional Installation

We offer deer fencing as a direct-to-consumer product, meaning you call us, tell us what you need, and we deliver straight to your door. We can answer any questions you have about self-installation or send a crew to get the job done without delay. For more information or to discuss material cost, call one of our knowledgeable game and deer fencing experts at 256-381-2675.