Do I Need High Fencing for My Airstrip?

If you use a personal aircraft to run your farm, then you know owning a plane, even a small one, is a lot of work. There’s maintenance, storage, and permits, and you have to have a keen understanding of the way this machinery works. You may have already found out just how expensive storage is, and fees to use a municipal runway can add up quickly. If you use your vessel for dusting, seeding, or to keep tabs on your large piece of land, it makes sense to build your own hangar and runway.

What do I need?

You need several clear acres and a landing area of at least 3,000 linear feet. A hangar large enough to house the aircraft and the tools to keep it running are essential. You’ll also need an aviation fuel storage tank. Your airport must be approved by your local government, as it is a land-use issue. This is not a comprehensive list of requirements. Contact the FAA for more information. Likewise, your local co-op may be able to put you in touch with other landowners with experience owning a private airport.

How do I protect my investment?

Airplanes are not cheap, and your main priority after safety is keeping your investment from harm’s way. This starts with regular maintenance. The majority of manufacturers will provide a maintenance schedule to include components such as the alternator, transponders, and emergency locator transmitter. Each trip, you will need to visually inspect the body of the aircraft, fuel and oil levels, and use your experience to listen for potential issues not seen by the eye. Pay attention to small changes and take steps to rectify them as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs down the road.

A security system is also helpful, especially if your aircraft is not within sight of your residence. Make sure your system is equipped with motion detectors and online video capture. Floodlights and a backup generator will keep your property well lit and your system running in case of power outage respectively.

Consider adding a high fence around the perimeter of your property. Choose a product that is high-tensile, which will keep local wildlife safe, lasts longer than a traditional aluminum fence, and will be a more intimidating deterrent for thieves and vandals. The entrance to your property should be equipped with a gate large enough for your aircraft be removed for transport should it be rendered unable to fly and need off-site attention.

High fence materials are available through Straight Shooter Game Fencing, or we can provide full-service installation, including land clearing, water gaps, and custom gates. Our high fence experts are available to answer your questions. Contact us today for more information.