Different Types Of Fencing Needs

Many people mistakenly believe that the only type of fencing available is either chain-link or privacy. Thankfully, there are many options, high-tensile be one of them. Fencing is used to keep people and animals out or, depending on your needs, contained within a designated space. At Straight Shooter Game Fencing, we specialize in high fence installation. While we are happy to install for any situation, our expertise is an agricultural and aviation fencing.


An agricultural fence serves many purposes. One of these is to prevent unwelcome wildlife from chewing up all of the profits. To keep deer away, we recommend an eight-foot boundary. Landowners who only need to block off a small portion, such as a garden on flat land, can usually add this on their own with little trouble. However, high fence installation can get tricky, especially in large areas that might have a rocky terrain or other obstacles, such as a body of water.

Land with animals should also be secured with a fence barrier. This can reduce the chances of sheep or other crop stock animals being attacked by hungry predators. Homeowners that are concerned about the safety of their livestock should ask their Straight Shooter Game Fencing representative about a predator apron. This is a special high fence installation method that requires a portion of the fence to be bent outward or buried. Correctly executed, a predatory apron can keep smaller nuisances from burrowing under contained areas while the vertical fence stands tall to block larger animals. Think keeping the proverbial (and in this case literal) fox out of the henhouse.


Airstrip owners need fencing to prevent wildlife from interfering with takeoff and landing. There have been many studies over the years that cite the dangers of wildlife in an aviation setting. In 2008, the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University released the findings of a lengthy study on mammalian hazards at small airports. While this particular paper only studied 10 airports in Indiana, the findings are pertinent across the country. The paper’s authors cited deer and coyote as the land animal most hazardous to airplanes.

The study, Mammalian hazards at small airports in Indiana: impact of perimeter fencing, underscores the importance of high fence installation. One point researchers discussed was that coyotes can easily dig under airport fencing. They also mentioned breaches by poorly installed culverts. The most alarming finding, however, is that many small airports only have segments of fencing in place. To be fully effective, an aircraft owner with a private airstrip – whether for agricultural or leisure use – should consider fencing around their entire property.

Why high-tensile fencing?

It is easy to look at high-tensile materials and think it is just the same as a regular metal fence. The truth is that high-tensile materials are vastly different. For one, high fence installation is much easier on the hands when compared to barbed while, which can also rust. But the biggest advantage of this style of fencing is its durability. High-tensile fencing feels almost springy when you push into it. Because of its give, it can withstand everything from heavy snow load to an animal impact and return back to its original shape.

Water gaps and other special features

If your farm or airstrip is not on perfectly level, dry ground, then you might assume that you cannot add a sufficient fence. This is another misconception that can cost you money and headaches in the long run. In addition to high fence installation, Straight Shooter Game Fencing is proud to have decades of experience in water gaps, custom gates, and openers. 

A water gap is added across ponds, creeks, and even small rivers and serves as a barrier without obstructing the natural flow of water. A professionally installed water gap will reduce erosion damage and allow you to get the most out of your land. Because you need one or more access points, we can build and install a gate and opener to match your needs, budget, and purpose. We partner with some of the best artisans in the country to craft custom entryways for large estates, and we can also add a fenced corridor in areas where it might be necessary to move animals from one location to another.

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