What’s The GOAT in Goat Fencing?

If you’re looking for the greatest of all time when it comes to goat fencing, you’re in luck. Although there is a common joke among goat owners that if the fence won’t hold water, it won’t hold a goat, that isn’t completely true. Although your agricultural fencing must be durable, there are many products that fit the bill.

Before you head down to the local hardware store, you should be aware that commercial-quality fencing is your best bet against grazing goats. Further, there are many considerations when planning an outdoor area. These include:

  • Space. Goats need at least 250 ft.² each. So if you have two goats, plan to put agricultural fencing around at least a 500 ft.² area.
  • Height. Most goats will stay contained within a fence that is at least four feet high. However, certain breeds, such as Nubians, that are active and like to jump, should be contained in something at least 5 feet tall. In addition to being high enough from the ground, you have to make sure that your agricultural fencing isn’t easy to climb under, as some breeds can contort themselves and crawl under without damage.
  • Gaps. It’s really cute when your baby goat sticks their head through the opening of a wire panel. It’s not as cute as an adult goat, when this adorable action can turn deadly. Look for an agricultural fencing product with gaps that are no larger than a 4” x 4” square.
  • Distance from other objects. Just because you have a fence up does not mean that your goat can’t get away. If you have construction spools, platforms, toys, or logs within the contained area, they should remain at least five feet away from your fence. You also want to ensure that low-hanging branches are also cut clear.

So, knowing what you know, what’s the best fencing option for a goat? A few options include:

  • Wooden fence. A wooden fence is great if you have goats in a residential area and need to keep them protected from dogs, foxes, and other neighborhood nuisances.
  • Woven goat wire. Ask your agricultural fencing specialist about goat wire, which offers 4 x 4 weaves instead of the standard 6 x 6 or 6 x 9. This might be a bit more expensive than wood, but it’s an excellent option if you have lots of land and don’t want to continually maintain your agricultural fencing.
  • Chain link. Chain-link fence is actually a really good option for goats, especially if you have a small space and can afford the exponentially high price tag. 

Ultimately, the type of fencing that you choose for your animals depends on your budget, your goals, and where you live. Ask your Straight Shooter Game Fencing advisor about what options might make the most sense based on your budget and situation.