The Best Type Of Fencing For Goats And Hogs – Part 2 Of A 2-Part Series

Last month, we discussed the best types of game fencing for cattle and horses. Today, we offer insight for those of you choosing smaller animals, such as goats and hogs.

Hog Fencing


Game fencing is essential to prevent pigs from leaving your property and causing damage to the surrounding areas or getting hurt themselves. Strong, intelligent, and curious, pigs can quickly and easily break through weak fence wiring. This means your game fencing must be sturdy and durable. A few options to consider include the following:


  • Hog wire fencing. Hog wire fencing is easy to install, and it will withstand the force of most pigs. However, if you are going to DIY your fence installation, it’s crucial that you ensure that the gaps in the wire mesh are not too large, as this can allow your prize piggies to escape.


  • Electric fencing. We talked about electric fencing with horses and cows, but it’s also an effective option for hogs and pigs. Electric fencing is also easy to install and maintain and can help keep your pigs contained, providing that the electric charge isn’t so high that it will burn their bacon.


  • High tensile game fencing. High-tensile game fencing is another option we spoke about for horses and cattle. It’s also great for pigs as it can withstand force and when professionally installed, high tensile wire fencing may last 50 years or more with very little maintenance.

Goat Fencing


Goats are agile and adventurous animals that can jump over a fence with ease. They’ve also been known to burrow their way under fences that have any type of gap. This means, like with other animals, your fencing has to be sturdy and durable but also tall enough that your goats can’t jump over them. A few of the best types of game fencing for those of you that keep goats are:


  • Woven wire fencing. This is a popular option and a top choice for goat fencing. It is strong and durable and is one of the most versatile types of game fencing, as it comes in many different sizes and styles, which your fence installer can explain to you in depth.


  • Electric fencing. Like other types of livestock, goats are highly responsive to electric fencing, but you will need to take measurements to ensure that you have a continual power supply and that the charge is not too high.


  • Mesh fencing. Mesh fencing is an excellent temporary solution for containing small baby goats. Your kids may be deterred by brightly colored mesh, which is also great for creating temporary fences and paths if you need to transport your animals from one side of your farm or field to another.


Ultimately, the type of game fencing you choose should be based upon your budget, needs, and desire for longevity and ease of maintenance. When you have hogs, however, your first priority should be its ability to withstand force. Goats likewise need to be contained, but they aren’t as powerful as hogs, and you may be able to get away with a lower tensile wire fencing.


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