Preventing Agricultural Crop Damage With Agricultural Fencing

It has been acknowledged that deer cause more agricultural damage than any other vertebrate wildlife species, costing farmers across the country millions of dollars worth of damage annually. Agricultural fencing can help prevent not only deer damage but also damage caused by small animals like rabbits and groundhogs. Let’s look into the different agricultural fencing options available.

High-tensile woven wire fencing

High-tensile woven wire fencing is the gold standard when it comes to agricultural fencing. This type of fencing costs approximately $10 per foot to install. Because of the prohibitive cost, only farmers growing high-value crops such as fruits and vegetables can afford this type of agricultural fencing. With pro provides more than 20 years of protection against deer damage.

Portable electric fencing

There are two kinds of portable electric fencing: electric netting and hot tape. While this type of agricultural fencing is more cost-effective, portable electric fencing is only a temporary solution against deer damage.

To enhance the effectiveness of portable electric fencing, farmers are advised not to use this kind of fencing on large acreages. Portable electric fencing is ideal for farms with areas of up one acre; the smaller the area, the more effective portable electric fencing can be. The electric charger must be powerful enough to generate a high-voltage charge, which is crucial in deterring wildlife away.

Farmers can lure deer away from high-value crops by planting low-cost crops they like to eat such as young soybeans. Situating these at a distance also increases the effectiveness of portable electric fencing. Adding colored Mylar tape and Mylar balloons adds visual impact.

Research has shown that farms that installed two rows of hot tape 6 feet apart and 42 inches high on sites approximately 1/2-acre in size showed less deer damage compared to a non-fenced area.

Other wildlife control ideas

Should farmers want to explore other wildlife control options to complement agricultural fencing installation, studies have shown hybrid willows, apple, and peach trees planted outside an electrified fence and in close proximity to each other helped deter deer intrusions; bucks, for instance, preferred to feed and rub against these trees, which are easy to grow and propagate.

The installation of agricultural fencing combined with other strategies is a long-term solution to most deer intrusion problems. Farmers operating orchards, nurseries, vegetable farms, and Christmas tree farms will most benefit from agricultural fencing. Work with an agricultural fencing contractor like Straight Shooter Game Fencing for expert agricultural fencing installation services.

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