Here are 5 Reasons Why Deer Fencing Should Be Done By A Pro

Game fencing specifications are different from conventional perimeter fences. For one, game fences must be substantially higher. After all, an adult deer can jump as high as 8 feet. A fence lower than that will not effectively deter deer and other animals from trying to enter your property.

A professional game fence contractor is aware of this, and of the other intricacies of building a deer fence. Here are five other reasons why deer fences should be built by a professional.

  1. A game fence contractor knows the lay of the land. They are familiar with the area’s topography, soil composition, and wildlife population. They will be in the best position to recommend the fence design that fits your property. Additionally, they know how to comply with local fencing laws and zoning regulations.
  2. A professionally installed game fence is built to be tough. Deer fence contractors such as Straight Shooter Game Fencing know the best materials to use for a deer fence given the property’s location and size. In areas where the elements can be extremely harsh, and the animals are strong enough to break through certain fences, the right materials can make a huge difference. The last thing you want is a deer fence falling apart in the middle of a brutal storm. When a game fence effectively keeps deer out, the risk of contracting diseases caused by parasites hitchhiking on deer goes down. Not only will a well-built game fence protect your property, but it will also safeguard your family’s health.
  3. The fence will be installed correctly. An improperly installed fence can easily go way over budget and be behind schedule. You can trust a professional game fence contractor to do it right the first time.
  4. A professionally built fence is easy to maintain. When a fence is built with the best materials and is structurally sound, it’s easier to maintain. It won’t need costly repairs as often. Should you require any maintenance work, a professional game fence contractor can get it done in no time.
  5. You are covered by a warranty. There are no guarantees with a DIY game fence project. You might get a warranty on the actual materials used, but there is nothing to back up the quality of the installation. If you overlook a detail, you’ll have to start all over again from scratch.

Any work completed by a professional game fence contractor comes with a warranty, which can last from a couple of months to a few years. Get peace of mind knowing your fence is covered should anything happen.

While DIY could be a smart choice for other property improvements, fencing installation should be entrusted to a professional. Call Straight Shooter Game Fencing today to discuss your game fence requirements.

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