7 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Deer Fencing

Game fencing is one of the most effective ways to prevent deer from damaging your property and minimize the potential health risks posed by parasites that they carry. With proper and consistent maintenance, deer fencing will serve its purpose for a long time. Here are simple, easy to follow maintenance procedures that you can do on your own or with the assistance of game fencing professionals such as Straight Shooter Game Fencing.

Conduct regular inspections. Check game fencing at least once a week for wear and tear. Gently remove twigs, leaves, and branches that have accumulated. If you have an electric fence, check various points and lines to see if the voltage is consistent across all locations.

Clean fences regularly. Hosing down the fence usually gets rid of most of the dirt. Wash off more stubborn grime with water and detergent.

Add adequate surface protection. While iron and steel are among the most durable game fencing materials, exposure to the elements and in some locations, saltwater, will lead to rust and corrosion. Prevent this from happening by regularly applying a coat of rust-inhibiting primer on the surface of your metal fence.

Get rid of vegetation. Encroaching weeds and brush hold moisture, which makes game fencing material prone to rot or rust. Vines and branches can catch snow during winter and may cause the fence to buckle under the extra weight.

Repair damaged areas immediately. Game fencing will have to be replaced at some point but you can lengthen its shelf life by address damages as soon as possible. Holes created by small animals, fence lines bent out of shape, small cracks, and mold and mildew could eventually lead to major issues if not taken seriously.

Establish a clear perimeter. Increasing the visibility of your game fencing should be part of your maintenance routine. Animals are less likely to ram into a highly visible fence, which minimizes the risk damages and major repair work.

Check the stability of the base. Heavy rainfall can erode soil at the base of the deer fence over time. This weakens the structural integrity of the fence, making it easier for animals to enter the property. Check support posts to make sure these remain stable and damage-free.

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