Game Fence Repairs: Why it Pays to Have it Installed Correctly

A game fence is an investment in your investment. Your land, and the assets on it, must be protected properly. Poorly installed fencing is a liability that can cost you thousands of dollars or more.

Unlike traditional fence repairs, game fencing does not always require materials. Game fence is made out of a high tensile wire that will typically bounce back from damage caused by impact. But this is only true if it’s installed correctly.

Land preparation

Ideal fence clearing

Proper land preparation is vital to the success of your game fence. While it’s not a complicated process, it does take time and attention to detail. The first step before installation is to survey the land. This is followed by creating a path for the fence. Straight Shooter Game Fence recommends a minimum 20-foot-width clearing the entire length of the fence. We can install game fencing in all terrains.

Water gaps

Straight Shooter Game Fencing Inc.

Water gaps prevent major damage


Creeks, river, ponds and other bodies of water are valuable resources on your land. However, they are open invitation for unwelcome guests or an accidental exit for your livestock. Game fencing installed with water gaps allow the free flow of water. A well-thought-out water gap protects the fence from debris, such as tree limbs, from piling up along the fence line. A water gap or small culvert  installed in wet weather creek beds and anywhere that experiences high water during rain or flood conditions is also beneficial. Rip rap rocks prevent washout in these areas and should be added during installation.


Straight Shooter Game Fencing Inc.

Water damaged fence — repair cost of $3,000 that could have been avoided with proper installation

Damage caused by trees is a fairly simple repair but one that can cost $1,000 or more. If the tree is large, machinery may need to be brought in to remove it prior to repairs. A skilled hand can easily fix unwanted wire warpage but damage to bracing or pipes will add to the expense. With properly cleared land, significant tree damage is rare. Water damage is more difficult to fix. A washed out fence may need to be replaced completely and water gaps, culverts, and rip rap installed to prevent further incidents of damage. A 50 x 10 water gap with two support cables will set you back at least $2,000 and price increases with size. When water gaps are installed at installation, fencing requires little maintenance and has a better chance of resisting later damage. Wash out that doesn’t affect the fence structure may be fixed with rip rap and strategically placed gaps and culverts. This is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Land preparation is essential to the functionality and longevity of your game fence. And despite her temper, Mother Nature doesn’t have to be devastating. As your fence installer, we will take steps to prevent damage by clearing a path, accounting for water flow, and supporting your fence where it needs it most.

Straight Shooter Game Fence installs game fencing throughout the United States and offers a lifetime warranty with each installation. We take pride in doing it right the first time, every time. Call us today for your quote and see the difference that our experience makes.