Deer Fencing Could Save Farmers Nearly $800 Million Annually

Whitetail deer are one of the most abundant species in the US with a population of more than 30 million. They are fast reproducers and have the ability to double their numbers in just two years. That’s a lot of mouths to feed and deer are opportunistic eaters that aren’t picky about where they dine. Keep reading for ways deer fencing may keep deer from ruining your crops.

Severe damage

In 2016, deer feeding activity got so bad in Georgia that dozens of agricultural operation managers petitioned the state for special deer depredation permits, much to the chagrin of local hunting clubs. A report published by the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources finds that more than 20 percent of crops sustain deer-related damage — corn crops are the hardest hit with many farms reporting a loss of almost 46 percent. Sadly, less than half of the farmers surveyed took measures to prevent crop damage.

Deer fencing for prevention

The old wisdom is that good fences make good neighbors and that’s never as true as when your neighbors are hungry for your cash crops. Rutgers University advocates the use of high tensile deer fencing as an effective way to reduce financial loss. However, the New Jersey-based college explains that deer fencing only makes sense for those farmers and landowners that can justify the cost. For full effectiveness, deer fencing must be a minimum of 8 feet high and cover the entire perimeter of the crops to be protected.

In addition to deer, feral hogs also cause significant crop damage. Wild hogs are most prevalent along the East Coast and in Texas.

Crops are just the beginning

Crops are not the only resource damaged by animals. According to the National Wildlife Research Center, ranchers lose in excess of $138 million each year in the lost cows, calves, and lambs due to predation. Coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, and bears are the primary perpetrators. Properly installed deer fencing can help keep these predators at bay.

DIY or full service deer fencing

Straight Shooter Game Fence offers two options: full-service game fence installation and DIY material sales. Full-service installation is customizable to your needs – we can even provide excavation of your wooded land. Pricing for DIY fencing is based on materials needed and linear footage. Both options are affordable and effective against animal intrusion.

Check out our materials page for more information on DIY deer fencing.