Big Game Hunting in Alabama

As the world population continues to grow, unspoiled land has become a rare commodity indeed. Unfortunately, there are many restrictions when hunting public land and safety is always a concern. But, there are dozens of hunting preserves scattered throughout the United States. These cater to the beginner and seasoned hunter. There are two types of preserved: private and nonprofit.



Whitetail fawn, image via Pixabay

Private game preserve

A private game preserve is one that exists to make a profit for landowners. These often come with rich features, such as hunting classes, large accommodations, and assistance preparing your kill for transportation home. Private game preserves are stocked with the most in-demand game. These are a great option if you have money to spare and are looking for a more luxurious experience.

Wildlife management areas

Wildlife management areas, which may be referred to as public hunting lands, also have their benefits. Many are operated at the state level and exist to ensure a balance between the human and wildlife populations. The vast majority of these areas are protected and impose strict bagging limits.

Alabama game preserves

Thunder Mountain

Set on more than 600 acres, Thunder Mountain has perfected the art of big game hunting. This private preserve has created a habitat of mixed terrain including springs, rolling hills, and pine thickets that ensure the health and safety of the beautiful and majestic deer that inhabit the land. Guided whitetail hunts are available and range in price from $2, 000 to $7,500 or more.

Limestone Hunting Preserve

Limestone Hunting Preserve in Ardmore offers a wide variety of activities including pheasant, dove, deer, and turkey hunts. As a further benefit, limestone provides boarding and training for hunting dogs of all breeds. Deer hunting is limited to bow only and is available Thursday through Sunday for $375 per hunter.

Hawkins Ridge Lodge

In business since 1987, Hawkins Ridge Lodge is one of the top deer, turkey, and hog hunting lodges in the US. A family-owned and operated retreat, Hawkins Ridge Lodge is set amongst 6,000 acres of varying terrain in southern Alabama. Three day, early-season deer gun hunts start at just $1,475. However, these are limited to ensure each party receives the best possible experience. Children under the age of 14 may receive half-price accommodations during certain times of the year when accompanied by a full-priced adult. This benefits makes Hawkins Ridge a family-friendly excursion.

What to look for in a hunting preserve

Hunting is not a cheap pastime and the choice to spend your time at these or any other lodges is a big one. Ask about guide experience, limits, and how their game is kept safe, contained, and protected against poachers and prey. A well-appointed hunting preserve should be outfitted with a properly installed game fence and the number of yearly hunts should be limited.

Buck, image via Pixabay


Alabama licenses go on sale Monday, August 27, 2018 for Sept 1 usage. Hunting and fishing licenses may be acquired in person and require a valid ID and Social Security Number. You may also purchase your hunting and fishing licenses online through the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources