5 Essential Pieces of Homesteading Equipment

If you’re ready to make the leap from homeowner to homesteader, keep reading for more information on the top five pieces of farm equipment you’ll need to succeed. Note: this list assumes you already own a tractor.




A powered rototiller will significantly reduce the time it takes to get your land ready for agricultural operations. Be cautious in your selection and make sure your rototiller matches your tractor’s size. Anything too small or too large in either weight or width simply won’t work. Consider horsepower of the attachment along with the width of your tractor and hitch class. An effective rototiller will also include a slip clutch on the drivetrain. A rototiller is preferred over a traditional plow as it reduces the amount of rocks pulled from land and ensures a more even job, especially on smaller plots of land.




While you won’t use a backhoe every day, it’s a fantastic tractor attachment and one you’ll be glad to own. A backhoe can help you dig drainage ditches, concrete footings, and perform work on your septic system. This simple attachment indispensable when you need to level a building site or need counterweights when moving heavier objects around your homestead. You can also use a backhoe in place of a post digger when installing deer fencing.


Bush hog


If you have any amount of open land you’d like to keep clear of bushes and trees, a bush hog mower is your best friend. While you will still need to keep a riding or push mower handy for small jobs, there is no matching the convenience and speed of the bush hog. Like a backhoe, your bush hog is valuable preparing your land for deer fencing, whether you are going to install it yourself or have our team do it for you.




Even if your’re not completely off the grid, a gas-powered generator is an invaluable addition to your homesteading arsenal. In addition to providing power in remote locations, a generator can keep you going during power outages caused by Mother Nature. If you’re looking to save money, consider a PTO-powered generator, which can be attached to your tractor.


York/landscape rake


A York rake is perhaps the simplest farming implement you can own but will also be one you use the most. A landscape rake is more than just a driveway maintenance tool. These three-point rakes can drive rocks from the garden or remove leaves, brush, and branches from freshly cleared land.


Whether you’re new to the idea of homesteading or a master of all things off-the-grid, we can help you come up with a perimeter fencing solution to keep your home, family, crops, and livestock safe. We offer a wide selection of game fencing and deer fencing options along with water gaps, excavation, and ornamental gates.