Should You Repair or Replace Your High Fence? Here Are The Things To Consider

“How would I know if I need to replace my high fence or just repair it?” can be a tricky question to answer. It would depend on your fence’s actual condition. Straight Shooter Game Fencing shares tips on determining your fence’s actual condition so you can decide what course of action best meets your high fence needs.

High fence issues that are repairable

Here we list down common issues you might encounter with wood, aluminum, and vinyl fencing that can easily be repaired.

Wood fences

As an organic high fence material, wood fences are more prone to damage due to insects, moisture, and other environmental factors. Common signs indicating that your wood fence needs repair include warping, discoloration, and splintering. If you notice any of these issues, identify the cause of the damage as soon as possible and see if you can ask your high fence contractor to help prevent it from happening again. The team might need to get rid of wood-destroying insects or remove standing water warping your high fence.

Wood filler or putty can be used to repair small holes or cracks on your high fence. Paint over the repaired area to conceal it. Severely warped boards or rails must be replaced.

Aluminum fences

While aluminum high fences are very durable, these still need proper maintenance. Aluminum fences can be accidentally damaged. Fence posts can also be loosened by shifting soil.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you might need a skilled welder to repair a rail or a section of the fence. Loose fence posts can be stabilized with solid or gravel backfills. A loose rail can be supported by an at-brace for extra stability and functionality. Keep the color of the replacement parts in mind if you don’t intend to repaint the fence post-repair.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl is favored by a lot of property owners since this high fence material is virtually maintenance-free. Note, however, it can still be damaged either by accident or extreme weather conditions. A common issue with vinyl is cracking.

If you see a crack on your vinyl high fence, it’s best to replace the individual vinyl picket or the entire fence panel affected, depending on the kind of fence installed.

When high fence replacement is the best solution

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you have to replace more than 20% of the fence panels or pickets, it’s time to replace the entire fence.

Remember that replacing fence posts is also more difficult and expensive than replacing pickets or panels because the posts need to be dug out, and they’re usually mounted in cement. If you have several fence posts that need to be replaced, it’s better to overhaul the entire fence.

If your high fence has reached its life span and manufacturer parts may no longer be available, replacement is also the most cost-effective option. With excellent upkeep, fences should last anywhere between 20 to 50 years, depending on the material.

Of course, damaged parts should not be the only consideration for high fence replacement. If your current fence is not giving you enough privacy or it isn’t high enough to keep deer or other animals from entering your property, then it’s time to get a new one. Consult an experienced high fence contractor lie Straight Shooter Game Fencing to explore all your options.

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