Protect Your Horses With Quality Game Fence (Part 2)

Previously, we touched on common fencing materials used to keep horses safe. Today, we’ll dive deeper into our top pick: fixed-knot steel-mesh game fence.

With decades of experience in the game fence industry, we strongly believe that a fixed-knot design is the best fencing for equine operations. Why? First, the knots are fixed at each wire intersection, which boosts strength. Because the vertical rows are much stronger, this type of galvanized steel fence is highly resistant to impact.

Another reason that Straight Shooter Game Fencing likes high-tensile wire is that it’s almost three times stronger than a 12.5-gauge field fence. For a standard wire fence, it would take just 500 pounds of pressure per wire to break. A same-gauge, high-tensile wire fence can hold strong up to 1380 pounds.

Class 3 galvanized game fence is also much longer lasting. In fact, you can expect this material to last for three times longer than a standard chain link or field fence. You are also not locked into any specific mesh spacing, and your high-tensile game fence may be designed with stay wires that range anywhere from three to 12-inches apart.

Fence Specifications

While it’s all the same material, there are six standard configurations for a high-tensile fence. These are:

  • 1661-3: 3-inch horizontal spacing is ideal for holding pens and stalls. This is one of the strongest holding patterns, and it can meet the demands necessary to withstand abuse. The 1661-3 fence design can be custom-built to feature five and six-inch horizontal gaps.
  • 1661-6: 6-inch horizontal spacing is perhaps the most economical option and is also ideal when your fence will be low enough that horses can reach their neck over the top.
  • 1775-3: Similar to 1661-3, the style fence also features three-inch horizontal spacing, and it’s also a great option for crowded areas. Choose this if you have horses that tend to kick, as it’s built to prevent hooves from getting tangled with movement.
  • 1775-6: Perfect for exterior areas, pastures, and cross-fences, this is a higher fence style and gradually tapers up in horizontal width from three inches to seven inches.
  • 1348-3: Although this is a shorter game fence, this also features three-inch spacing from top to bottom.
  • 1748-3: Standard 3 x 3 spacing is great for runways. It is the shortest of the game fence options and can tie into your existing high-tensile fences.


When you’re choosing a game fence for your horses, you have to consider maintenance as well as longevity. Fixed-knot construction is virtually worry-free, and your biggest maintenance task will be keeping your fence clear from vegetation.

If you’re not sure which type of game fence is right for your horse operation, call Straight Shooter Game Fencing today. Our expert craftsmen can walk you through the process of ordering, and they will help you decide what’s best for your situation based on your budget, size, and needs.