How To Choose Between The Five Different Types Of Deer Fencing

If you have a large piece of property to protect, you may have considered deer fence installation. This is a smart move that offers many benefits and can help you best protect your property. But, there are many different types of fencing available, and choosing the right one is crucial. Fortunately, as your local deer fence contractor, Straight Shooter Game Fence offers a variety of options and can help you choose what’s best for you.

Types of deer fencing

  • Metal wire. Metal wire fencing is the gold standard in keeping deer and other nuisance animals off your property. Metal wire fences are often high-tensile, meaning they are built to withstand the force of a running animal without breaking or causing significant harm. It’s durable and can be coated to blend into your landscape.
  • Polypropylene. Polypropylene mesh is an affordable DIY solution for those with a small plot of land they need to protect; you do not need a deer fence contractor to install polypropylene. If you have a garden on less than a quarter of an acre, polypropylene is the way to go. Unfortunately, this must be placed almost perfectly to be effective, and it is nowhere near as durable as high-tensile deer fencing.
  • Electric. Electric fences have obvious pros and cons. On one hand, they can be invisible, meaning you won’t clutter up the landscape. However, they are subject to failure, and they won’t work during a power outage. Most dear fence contractors will not install underground electric options. An electric wire fence is also non-intrusive to the landscape. However, some animal-rights groups are against it as it causes harm and is often baited with food to train animals to steer clear.
  • Chain-link. Chain-link fence is most common in residential settings, and it’s typically not recommended as a deer fence option. A deer fence contractor may be able to install chain-link fencing upon request. However, to be effective as a deer or game deterrent, it should be at least six to eight-feet high.
  • Privacy. Also common in residential areas, privacy fencing is perhaps the most expensive of all deer fencing options. Privacy fences could range anywhere from four feet to eight feet in height, with the latter being the most effective. These require routine maintenance, but they can be stained or painted to match your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. Ask about privacy deer fence installation if appearances are your top priority.

Deer fencing can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or longer to install. If you’re not sure what type of material you need, contact your deer fence installation experts. You’ll need to know how many linear feet you need and whether or not there are hills, bodies of water, or other obstacles along with your preferred fence path. Photos of the terrain can also help. Ultimately, your choice should depend upon utility, budget, and visual appeal.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing is a professional deer fence contractor and offers quality high-tensile fence options to home and property owners in Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and North Carolina. To find out more, give us a call today or email [email protected].