How Can Highway Deer Fencing Save Human Lives?

Game ranchers, outdoorsmen, and those with personal airports are all familiar with how high fences can keep their real and personal property and livestock safe. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that deer fencing offers a host of municipal applications for highway safety.

The US Federal Highway Administration acknowledges that wildlife/vehicle collisions are an ever-increasing danger. As we continue to develop farmland, forest, and former pastures, we push wildlife from their natural habitats. Further, increasing our nation’s transportation infrastructure means more roads and highways encroach upon what habitats still exist.

Approximately two million drivers collide with large animals, including deer, horses, and cows, each year. Given that these animals can weigh two tons or more, the risk to human life is apparent. Simply adding high fences along roads in heavily wildlife populated areas can discourage animals from partaking in behaviors that put them and drivers at risk. So, how many people are typically killed each year due to animal/human collisions? Approximately 150.

There are dozens of studies conducted at both the state and federal levels that outline the dangers of habitat encroachment. However, outside of federally protected lands, these areas remain open to development. Installing high fence protects property owners as well by keeping predatory animals that might drive cattle and other livestock to migrate away from safety.

The Feasibility Of Installing High Fence Around All Highways

High fence installation is a complex process. It involves excavation, clearing, construction, and maintenance. As such, it is likely not feasible to install high-tensile game fencing around all US highways. However, state and local engineers can work with wildlife preservation agencies to determine the locations where this type of barrier will be the most beneficial and save the most lives.

It may take years for all states to get on board with installing agricultural or high fence as a buffer against roadway collisions. Until then, Straight Shooter Game Fencing encourages drivers to be diligent and aware. Pay close attention to animal crossing signs, and slow down if you see animals within 100 feet of the roadway. Deer and other animals can run up to 50 miles an hour, and they can cross in front of your vehicle in the blink of an eye.

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