How Can High Game Fence Benefit Your Ranch?

If you own a ranch or are thinking about investing a large piece of property, you already understand the importance of protecting your land and livestock. One of the most effective methods of securing your property is by installing a high game fence. Game fencing, which may also be called wildlife or high-tensile fencing, has many benefits and enhances your ranch’s security and management. These include:

Wildlife Management

High game fence plays a critical role in wildlife management. By creating a designated parameter enclosed by the fence, you can control the movement of wildlife and prevent many unwanted intrusions. You also have an opportunity to manage the population of specific species, protect sensitive habitats, and reduce potential conflict between wildlife and livestock.

Disease Prevention

Game fencing can also contribute to disease prevention. When you restrict contact between livestock and wildlife, you also minimize the risk of disease transmission. Chronic wasting disease, bovine tuberculosis, and other diseases can be transmitted between domestic and non-domestic animals. Installing a physical barrier can safeguard the health of your livestock.

Crop Protection

If you choose to cultivate crops on your ranchland, a high game fence is a valuable tool to help you protect what you reap and sow. High-tensile fencing acts as a deterrent for both wildlife and foragers that may come onto your property to damage crops. The right fence can reduce intrusion by rabbits, deer, boar, and other wildlife that could devastate your crops.

Land Preservation

Game fencing also helps preserve the natural landscape and ecological balance of your property. By managing the movement of wildlife, you minimize overgrazing and habitat destruction. This can promote the growth of native plants, preserve natural biodiversity, and maintain your land’s integrity.

Enhanced Property Value

Another great reason to install a high game fence around your ranch or other large property is that it can increase the value of your investment. A professionally installed and well-maintained fence demonstrates your commitment to wildlife management, stock protection, and environmental stewardship. This can attract potential buyers who have the same values as you, making your ranch more desirable on the market.

Peace Of Mind

Perhaps most important, a high game fence protecting your ranch gives you peace of mind. When you go to bed each night with the knowledge that your livestock, crops, and land are safeguarded, you can rest easy. Having a fence in place also allows you to focus on other aspects of property management, such as productivity and growth. In other words, game fencing grants you the freedom to operate without constant concerns about potential threats to your property.

Ultimately, the decision to add game fencing to your ranch or wildlife preserve is completely up to you. However, when you look at the benefits, it’s easy to see how game fencing benefits you, your land, and the crops and animals on it. Contact Straight Shooter Game Fencing today to speak with one of our game fencing experts to find out which type of fence is right for you.

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