Deer Fencing for Small Spaces

If you have a small home garden, you’ve no doubt been met with dismay more than once with a half-eaten stalk of something. Deer are opportunity eaters and will nibble on anything that looks appetizing, especially in urban areas where food is scarce.

Deer can enter

Just because you have a fence around the yard doesn’t mean deer can’t enter. To reduce the chances of wildlife making a meal out of your hard work, you’ll have to install deer fencing. Thankfully, you can handle a small garden plot on your own, either by ordering professional-grade deer fencing or installing a temporary extension to your existing fence.

Whitetails, which are common in the US, can leap up to eight feet. They cannot, however, achieve distance and height so you can get away with as little as six feet of fencing if it’s positioned at a 45-degree angle. If you have an existing residential fence, you can deter a deer invasion by adding three to four feet of height at the posts and then running wire around the perimeter.

Deer fencing is available in rolls at your local hardware store and may work for a short amount of time. You can read more on simple fencing in this post from the University of Vermont.

Fencing the perimeter

Another method, which many have used successfully, to keep deer out is to install a privacy fence around the entire property. A six-foot fence will block the deer’s line-of-sight, and they are less likely to jump without knowing what’s on the other side. A cage is sufficient if you just need to protect a single tree or small plot of low-lying vegetation.

A more effective solution

While material purchased from your local hardware store may work for a small area or for a single season, more durable game fencing is a better option for more extensive gardens. Straight Shooter Game Fencing is an authorized retailer for some of the nation’s most trusted suppliers. A free phone consultation can help you identify the materials you need to fence-in your large property permanently. Ask about predator aprons and water gaps for a comprehensive collection of items you need to keep your investment safe.

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