What’s The Best Type Of Game Fence For Cattle? (Part 2)

Last month, we talked about the types of game fence that typically do not make sense when you have cattle. Today, we will go into greater detail on why high-tensile fixed-knot fencing is the best option.

Game fence is meant to keep your animals in place and keep predators at bay. It must do this 24/7, even when your eyes and ears can’t be on your livestock. Your game fence should also be low maintenance, versatile, and run the least risk of causing harm to cattle that inadvertently run a bit too fast toward the fence.

High-tensile wire is made of class III galvanized materials; this is three times thicker than other types of fencing wire. While more expensive than class I (which is what barbed wire and field fence is usually made of), it requires less maintenance and can be strung with posts that are much further apart. The combination of these two factors makes it a more affordable option for most property owners looking at the big picture.

Fixed-knot game fence costs 100% less year over year than low tensile options, like field fence and barbed wire. If you look at the numbers, your annual cost per mile based on a 30-year lifespan is around $640; field fence is around $1930. How? It’s quite simple. High-tensile fencing material lasts up to three times longer. When installed and maintained properly, your high-tensile fence may last for 30 or 40 years.

When you choose a fixed-knot high-tensile game fence, you can rest assured that your fence material is resistant to damage. In fact, each horizontal wire can withstand nearly 1400 pounds of pressure. Each strand is additionally crimped and secured to vertical wires with, as the name of the fence suggests, fixed knots that stay in place. Fixed-knot game fence is also coated with higher-quality material than standard class I galvanized products.

As a quick summary, a few things to keep in mind include:

  • Fixed-knot game fence is a better value than barbed wire or field fencing materials.
  • High-tensile materials are more tightly woven and better at keeping feral hogs and other predators at bay.
  • Fixed-knot cattle fence will last longer and cost less over time.
  • Posts are spaced much further apart – up to 20 feet – which reduces installation labor costs.
  • Fixed-knot fencing material won’t sag or break as easily as barbed wire.

If you are not sure which type of game fence material and installation method is right for you, ask to speak to one of our specialists. Our experienced staff can talk to you about the recommended specifications for your property’s needs. You have plenty of options, and your high-tensile game fence can even come with a custom water gap or gate to ensure that your animals are safe, no matter where they are on your land.

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